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Utherverse 3D Client

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The program is unavailable for downloading: the program's origin is unknown.


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This program has been reported to be unavailable on a regular basis.
This implies that we are unable to provide universally applicable download links, relevant version information.
Utherverse 3D Client is used by 719 users of Software Informer. The names of program executable files are UtherversePatcher.exe, PatcherPatcher.exe and Utherverse.exe. This particular product is not fit to be reviewed by our informers.

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    moma 2 years ago
    Pros: the people members
    Cons: the patches

    i ve been a member going on 4 years now yes vip
    i admit this game has a few issues but it is improveing
    love it on every day its not all about the sex its about friendships
    yea yea i know you can do that on other sites not the same to just set and stare at your pc on them
    utherverse you get to move see an avai of who your chatin with can dance etc as far as a money scam
    its a scam if you let it be ive met some great ppl from all over the world why did i comment well iam sick of seeing all the negative and none of the poss as far as the 12yr old goes why the f was he left alone at the pc i dont let my 16 yr old alone at the pc 8thousand picks same day one site hard to believe you didnt see what he was doing come on now thats alot of pics maybe hubby had them not the kid i am not going any where rlc ridding out the bad

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    Luis Morton 4 years ago

    My 12 year old nephew accessed the site 5/31/09. I do not know what he saw; however, occasionally I delete garbage from my hard drive. The last time I did so I found 8,777 picture files downloaded 5/31/09 of which 1,155 were pictures that I had taken. The remainder were from this Utherverse. After seeing the date these (porn) picts came from, I did another search for other files from the same date. 8,299 additional files were downloaded at the same time. I assume our nephew clicked that he wanted to play a game and thousands of files were dumped into my computer. I hope I got the trash removed. With all of the wonderful things the internet has to offer, it was a shame to ground our nephew from internet use at our house. I guess I need some kind of a filter.

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    sly 5 years ago

    do not give your credit card number on this site...........do dot do it......never.........just play regular member........

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